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Oct 2018
Nguyen Viet Hoa
Oct 19 2018 08:32
Nguyen Viet Hoa
Oct 19 2018 08:34
I got this error in logs of starter-kit when starting with reaction platform
anyone can help me pls
Ticean Bennett
Oct 19 2018 16:29
@nguyenviethoa did you check that the reaction process that runs the GraphQL API was up and running? The installation guide provides some instructions on how to check that using docker ps.
First check that the container is running. If it is, and you still encounter the problem then you can tail the logs of the reaction container to see if it is ready to field requests. The container can take a while to intialize and be ready to handle requests.
Justin Anderson
Oct 19 2018 17:15
Hi, the recording of Oct. 2018 Reaction Action is now up on our Youtube channel.
S Tunji Turner
Oct 19 2018 18:42
Thanks @jdaddy73 are you on the reaction team or independent??