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Oct 2018
Oct 22 2018 11:41
I am confused. is obsoleted reaction-swag-shop in reaction 2.0 architecture?
what different between reaction-next-starterkit and reaction-swag-shop?
Janus Reith
Oct 22 2018 13:45
@zzh1234567 reaction-swag-shop is a (currently outdated) example how to customize the Meteor based Shop using a plugin. reaction-next-starterkit is a separate, nextjs based frontend application tgat fetches
Janus Reith
Oct 22 2018 13:58
*that fetches data from it
This is one of the steps of gradually replacing Meteor with a graphql layer
Oct 22 2018 14:37
thx @janus-reith replace meteor??? meteor will be obsoleted ?
in order to use reaction, i have studied meteor several months. :(
Oct 22 2018 16:20
@nguyenviethoa For the token error: The default Hydra token expiration is 1hr (so it probably expired while your 'Hydra session' is still active). For now you can hit localhost:3000/signin manually and you should get a new token.
@nguyenviethoa I meant localhost:4000/signin