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Oct 2018
Yashaswi Maharshi
Oct 23 2018 04:50
how good it is to use reaction commerce for my ecommerce platform, as I can see more than 400+ issue and lots of people are migrating from reaction commerce to other ecomm platform
Nguyen Viet Hoa
Oct 23 2018 07:44
@machikoyasuda Thank you so much for your help !, it works now.
Oct 23 2018 10:18
Will reaction Switch from Meteor to GraphQL???
S Tunji Turner
Oct 23 2018 10:38
@mahayash what other platforms are people migrating too? How did you find out?
Oct 23 2018 10:47
I deployed the reaction commerce application using MUP and I am facing issues while creating product. I am unable to upload image. It showing following error:
"tus: failed to resume upload, caused by [object ProgressEvent], originated from request (response code: 0, response text: )"
Oct 23 2018 14:58
hi there. I have the memory error (meteor raw log), with the RC5 platform. How can I on a linux VPS update the docker memory & swap allocation?
Calin Gabriel
Oct 23 2018 16:21
Hey! How to signal to crawlers while using server side rendering that the page should be a 404 and not a 200 code?