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Oct 2018
Oct 25 2018 05:35
I am facing a problem while opencartExchangerate api
Oct 25 2018 05:41
OpenExchangeRates API not configured. Not adding fetchRates job
Oct 25 2018 06:42
I am unable to upload images after deploying my RC application using MUP.
Here is my mup.js
module.exports = { servers: { one: { host: '', username: <USER_NAME>, password:'<USER_PASSWD>' } }, meteor: { name: 'staging', path: '../', docker: { image: 'abernix/meteord:node-8.4.0-base' }, servers: { one: {} }, buildOptions: { serverOnly: true }, deployCheckPort: 4000, env: { ROOT_URL: '', MONGO_URL: <MONGO_URL>, PORT: 4000 } } };
Err - "tus: failed to resume upload, caused by [object ProgressEvent], originated from request (response code: 0, response text: )"
meteor_js_resource=true:11 OPTIONS net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
Oct 25 2018 11:52
Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me with customizing front-end template. I haven't tried install reaction commerce yet. What template engine is used to create front end ?
Oct 25 2018 11:58
Pug, EJS ?
S Tunji Turner
Oct 25 2018 14:20
Hey guys, I have three marketplaces to get going to production, just watched the webinar and need guidance to deployment, the docs are sparse. Will add a github issue later.
I had a 1.6 version on Heroku
Oct 25 2018 15:46
I integrate reaction 2.0 with plug: reaction-swag-shop. but when I run reaction 2.0, I just get a empty page. @zenweasel @Akarshit
any idea to fix the bug?
Robert Călin
Oct 25 2018 16:28
hi, i followed the instructions from here: and when i go to localhost:3000 i get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
any ideas why?
Oct 25 2018 16:49
try : @velobarplus
Justin Anderson
Oct 25 2018 18:52
Hi all, the latest Reaction Roadmap post from our CEO is now up on our blog. She addresses some questions that have come up in this channel, so give it a read when you have a minute.
Cheick Berthe
Oct 25 2018 18:58
Hi guys, has anyone experienced an issue similar to the one mentioned at [this link] (shiptwo/meteor-buildpack-horse#4) ? I am deploying to Heroku.
S Tunji Turner
Oct 25 2018 20:09
@jdaddy73 after reading the blog post, the business case my company is more muddled than ever, no marketplace implementation in 2.0?? No bug fixes for issues in the old architecture. No heroku? No new deployment docs?