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Oct 2018
Oct 31 2018 13:37
after the removal of analytics from RC in v1.8 ..Is there any new addition for analytics implementation..?
Patrick Newell
Oct 31 2018 13:39
@thegtagamer I added react-ga to my "theme" plugin and have been happy with it so far

// on page load & transition
Router.Hooks.onEnter(() => {
  ReactGA.pageview(window.location.pathname +;

  const shop = Reaction.getShop();
    dimension1: shop ? : "Unknown Shop"

// update userId on login
Accounts.onLogin(() => {
  ReactGA.set({ userId: Meteor.userId() });
I would recommend finding a list of Hooks (maybe scanning the code for them) to find all of the events which you should log
Oct 31 2018 13:40
@pnewell4_twitter Thanks man!!