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Dec 2018
Dec 06 2018 01:06
@pravee3791 , I struggled a bit too. Now it's running fine. If you provide some details, I may be able to give some pointers
Dec 06 2018 06:22
Web Crawlers and URL Expanders are not able to pick up the Meta Data stored by the page in the PDP page...the default client/templates/index.html meta elements are being overridden by the PDP page ..But the Crawlers dont read up the new meta data...Any suggestions..being struggling with this for a long time with no way out ;(
Devang Naghera
Dec 06 2018 10:52
Can we set description meta tags for each routes?
Dec 06 2018 12:18
it is extremely slow . after "make start " I need to wait like 5 minutes for the page to load. This apply also on style modification. Is there a way to start the start-kit alone
Dec 06 2018 13:21
hey there, how do you go online? i mean do you start your docker on a hostserver and point to it or whats the best practice for going productive? didnt find any doc...
aswell the reaction-hydra implementation readme says: "Not safe for production"...
Dec 06 2018 14:27
Hi All, Could you please me on resolving an issue on IE 11. I am using ReactionCommerce version 1.8.2. It would be helpful If anyone respond to this. Thanks.
Store is not loading in IE 11. It shows blank page