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Dec 2018
Dec 09 2018 20:19
Hello , i am investigating different ecommerce platforms because I am going to building a custom ecommerce online store. How customization is reactioncommerce
I am going to be building a raffle tickets platform where users buy raffle tickets
and use the raffle tickets to buy items
does this platform support this
Loan Laux
Dec 09 2018 21:43
@sgwcollins I believe you'd just need to create products for each raffle and then you can create a plugin that identifies who bought into which raffle (and maybe even take care of the lottery part but that's up to you)
Honestly I'd probably just use the Google Sheet API for that. Create a spreadsheet document with one sheet per raffle and list your customers in there with their respective number of entries. I don't know how your business works exactly, but that's probably what I would do. Easy to export and use in third party software afterwards.
And you get the teamwork features, which probably are important to you.