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Dec 2018
Dec 15 2018 13:33
@Lebzanwa I used to get same error now its working fine. What I did is just pulled latest by reaction pull and runned reaction commerce by reaction run --port=3035. I think there might be something else running on reaction commerce default port why this error occurs but when I use some other ports it works fine.
Praveen Gupta
Dec 15 2018 21:49
I was setting up reaction (2.0) with reaction-swag-shop as a plugin. But I am facing the issue of:
Unknown asset: plugins/reaction-swag-shop/images/BCTMZ6HTxFSppJESk.jpg.
I am using docker-compose for development and SKIP_FIXTURES environment variable is set to 1. The README mentions resetting the database might help. How can that be done with docker?