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Dec 2018
Isha Saran
Dec 18 2018 05:27

Objective: to have a shipping/fulfillment method on the nextJS+graphQL storefront. How?
What I have done: I have "enabled" it on the the Store Operator, but I don't see how FulfillmentOptionsCheckoutAction a RC component from the design library is filled with fulfillment options.
Where I could be going wrong: I think we need to make a fetch (this is where GraphQL comes in I guess), to the Shipping mongo collection and pass it as fulfillmentGroup props.

Does anyone have an idea of the making happen of the objective mentioned above?

Chetan Yadav
Dec 18 2018 12:38
@loan-laux Actually I did manage to get it working. This is what i did
Switched hydra OAUTH2_LOGIN_URL to nextjs page.
Fetch login_challenge from query param, passed it to a graphql query.
On resolver check whether user has a session, if yes acceptLoginRequest and return redirect url
otherwise check which login action user wants to perform and return its details
Based on query response I will either redirect user to url(if session exists) or show signin/signup form(based on login action)
Signin and signup form submission will send input fields data using mutation and in resolver I will either check user credentials to login it or create a new user
I had to switch meteor loginWithPassword method with users.findOne and Accounts._checkPassword for login checks.
Do you see any security concerns or loopholes in this approach?
Chetan Yadav
Dec 18 2018 17:02

Hey, Reaction order confirmation mail's product images are not visible on gmail. Image url is correct and images are visible on other client but for some reason google image proxy bot is not able to access and cache these images.

Issue is similar to this:

I have reaction-platform setup with docker and using nginx for reverse proxy. Do I need to setup something in nginx to make images accessible to google image proxy bot?

F.J. Genus
Dec 18 2018 19:12
anyone have any idea how to load taxes from a json file using fixtures and importer?