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Dec 2018
Csanád Kiss-Máté
Dec 24 2018 00:35
Hi! I just ran a successful make, and from the container logs, it seems everything is up and running. I can access the classic UI at localhost:3000, however when I try to access the next starter kit, I get the following error in the container log:
[GraphQL error]: Message: Cannot query field "displayTitle" on type "Tag"., Location: [{"line":36,"column":3}], Path: undefined [Network error]: Error: Response not successful: Received status code 400
any tips on this?
@mxd369 Just log in normally with the admin credentials, you will see an admin bar on the right after you do.
Dec 24 2018 01:38
@traubisoda thanks mate
How do I add stuff to it like a jumbotron and email field, cards, youtube embeds, image gallery, etc, all I have is the shop set up
Dec 24 2018 12:05
@traubisoda I have the same problem can someone help
Dec 24 2018 13:02
Hi, I have same issue trying to access next starter kit... Error: Response not successful: Received status code 400
Dec 24 2018 22:48
Can anyone from the reaction team clear up some missconceptions about the starter kit please :/