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Dec 2018
Dec 27 2018 01:21
@anton6 Oh Thank you mate! I did not get reaction-next-startkit working, I installed docker and everything, npm install, all that, so I stopped caring about trying to make it work. Haha!
Ali Avci
Dec 27 2018 11:56
After performing the instructions in the installation steps and running make, although the containers run in Docker, I am unable to get localhost:3000 to return anything in the browser
I am unable to see something meaningful in the docker logs
How can I debug this?
Gil Domingues
Dec 27 2018 12:32
Hey @aiavci , I seem to be having the same problem. I've tried running the docker-compose-demo in the reaction project, and it works, but this pulls the image from the docker hub, so it's not using the local Dockerfile. I've been at it for a day, if i find something useful I'll update here
Forgot to add, I only managed to get the docker-compose-demo working after changing the specified mongo version from 3.4 to 3.6
S Tunji Turner
Dec 27 2018 16:05
How can I update an older 1.4.1 reaction to 1.6 version, while 2.0 ramps up. I missed a whole holiday season, can't wait any longer, happy holidays
Dec 27 2018 18:04
@aiavci try looking through In my case changing docker memory usage helped.
Dec 27 2018 22:28
are the docs obfuscated ?