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Dec 2018
Dec 30 2018 01:46
im having super stressfull issue. im trying to enable a test sub merchant account on my reaction shop to take payments and publish products. im using this return uri http://localhost:3000/stripe/connect/authorize
i get a green success event but when i go to check under the shop setting its asking me to authorize the sub merchant shop again. please help this is stoping my development and i want to launch by end of the year
Michael Cukier
Dec 30 2018 16:11
@anton6 I have just tried on Ubuntu
(yes, I did setup the github stuff correctly because I was able to clone the repo)
If anyone managed to install Reaction Platform by following those steps: , please share what exact platform you're using, I'll vmware it and try
Michael Cukier
Dec 30 2018 16:19
but I thought Docker was used to solve that problem
Dec 30 2018 19:22
@michaelcukier are you using an SSH key configured account on your VM?
Dec 30 2018 19:28
The other way I guess would be to try replicate what the Reaction Platform is trying to automate, i.e. clone all repos separately and try manually starting all the containers.