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Jan 2019
Srikanth K
Jan 02 12:26 UTC
i have issue with custom payment plugin. i need to make changes to this file where i
need to configure the template name to make payment method visible in the checkout screen. Is there option without modifying core file to make the payment method visible in the checkout ?
Sean Baines
Jan 02 20:27 UTC
Hi guys. Probably missing something obvious here but I've followed the few commands listed here to get up and running with reaction commerce a few times now but I can't seems to get anything running on any of the ports. Everything seems to install fine and don't get any errors in my terminal. I get the logs saying everything is successfully built etc. but nothing shows up on any of the localhost ports in the browser and no errors so not sure where to look now! If anyone has any ideas what I could try that would be greatly appreciated