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Jan 2019
Sodhan Manandhar
Jan 03 06:10
Multi-vendor Product pricing support ?
Gil Domingues
Jan 03 11:16
Does anyone else get this error when trying to launch the starter kit
[GraphQL error]: Message: Cannot query field "displayTitle" on type "Tag"., Location: [{"line":36,"column":3}], Path: undefined
Isha Saran
Jan 03 11:17
yes and there is an open issue on github for the same I guess
Isha Saran
Jan 03 11:27

@here I'm trying something with fulfillment methods since the past few weeks. But want to get the basics right first. On reaction meteor storefront we have 3 fulfillment methods (which runs on 3000), how can we make this reflect onto our reaction+graphql+nextJS storefront (which runs on 4000)? They're enabled on the meteor storefront and I can use them there. But on the newer storefront, can I get the same methods available by default or do I have to do something?

This is something I have been on for weeks now since december and I don't understand. Because we have products reflecting but not these fulfillment methods.

Gil Domingues
Jan 03 12:08
Correct me if I'm wrong, but reaction 1.X is not headless, right? The version 2.0 is the move towards headless?
Isha Saran
Jan 03 12:08
@DominguesGM yes
Patrick Newell
Jan 03 15:12
@DominguesGM I had the same problem. I was running the reaction GraphQL server's master branch, but the NextJS client's develop branch. I did not investigate whether I should be using the develop branch for the server, so instead I commented out "displayTitle" in tagFragment.gql as a temporary fix
Chetan Yadav
Jan 03 15:42
@ishasaran fullfillmentOptions are available on nextjs storefront if you have them enabled on meteor. Go to checkout page and save shipping address details. 2nd step of checkout will show all those fullfillmentOptions.
Gil Domingues
Jan 03 16:01
@pnewell4_twitter you're right, commenting that line removed that warning. It still doesn't work for me, though. I keep getting an UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning
Jan 03 17:45
Hi all - Happy New Year! If you get the displayTitle bug that @DominguesGM has cited above, make sure to run: reaction on the branch and reaction-next-starterkit on the develop branch. This should fix the issue. Thanks for being patient as we're working as hard as we can to get Release 2.0.0 officially out. We're still actively developing on it.
Jan 03 22:40
@machikoyasuda thanks for the hard work, Release 2.0.0 seems very promising.