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Jan 2019
Yashaswi Maharshi
Jan 07 05:23
With "make start" I can able to run all the containers, where I can see "done" mark in front of all the containers. Now I need to know what command should I typed or follow to make the application run
Yashaswi Maharshi
Jan 07 05:35
$ NODE_ENV=development node ./src/server.js
web_1 | ================================
web_1 | Missing environment variables:
web_1 | CANONICAL_URL: undefined
web_1 | EXTERNAL_GRAPHQL_URL: undefined
web_1 | INTERNAL_GRAPHQL_URL: undefined
web_1 | OAUTH2_AUTH_URL: undefined
web_1 | OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID: undefined
web_1 | OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET: undefined
web_1 | OAUTH2_IDP_HOST_URL: undefined
web_1 | OAUTH2_REDIRECT_URL: undefined
web_1 | OAUTH2_TOKEN_URL: undefined
web_1 | SESSION_SECRET: undefined
web_1 |
web_1 | Exiting with error code 1
this is what I am getting ?
Jan 07 10:54

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie. Is it possible to use PayPal on Reaction commerce?
and is there any easy way to sell downloadable digital assets using this framework?
I wonder if there’s any popular example of Reaction commerce using Paypal and digital download.


Amalan Jenicious
Jan 07 13:05
route: "/featured/:slug?",
name: "featuredProducts",
template: "featuredProducts",
container: "core",
workflow: "coreProductGridWorkflow"
1) this is my custom route in registry of my plugin
2) the slug working and loading respective template for admin login but pageNotFound comes when not logged
3) but this occurs only in version 2.0 of reaction commerce
4) Worked well in reaction commerce 1.8
anyone have any idea about this?
Srikanth K
Jan 07 13:37
Can products tags be used across shops? If i created a tag in shop1 and can i tag to a product in shop2 ?
Chetan Yadav
Jan 07 17:07
Hey, is there a way to increase bearer token expiration time. After couple of hours of login I usually get bearer token is not active error on reaction repo and it directs me to login page.