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Jan 2019
Jan 08 03:12
Hi there. A newbie for reactioncommerce. Is there any POS (Point-of-Sale) version for reactioncommerce?
Mudit Shukla
Jan 08 06:29

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie. Is there any marketplace available on reaction commerce ?

Loan Laux
Jan 08 13:13
@edper No POS version as far as I know, but depending on what you're planning to do, it may not be that hard to implement with plugins.
@cedmudit Muti-shop is supported, but multi-vendor marketplace features were discontinued in 2.x until further notice.
Jan 08 23:18
@loan-laux can you please briefly explain the difference between Multi-shop and multi-vendor? I thought multi-shop was the multi-vendor alternative. Thanks