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Jan 2019
Ryan Wilson
Jan 09 03:47
@loan-laux echoing @anton6's question... multi-shop is where you can host multiple distinct shops on one install where multi-vendor means you can have a marketplace where end buyers can browse the combined catalog of all the sub-vendor's shops? curious about if that is slated to make it back into 2.x
Andrés Cortés
Jan 09 19:19
hi @all what do I have to do to see a plug-in (payment method) changes in the browser, now I do reaction reset and then reaction run but this reset my DB and loose all stored data, I wonder if there are a way to refresh plug-in or reload them to see the changes without reseting the DB, I tried reaction plugin load and reaction run but it loads the previous plugin version and can't see the changes. Thanks in advance.
Jan 09 21:13
@ryansdwilson do you know if multi-shop allows customers to view all products from different shops under one shared product grid?