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Jan 2019
Yashaswi Maharshi
Jan 14 03:37
I can able to run all the container on my mac machine, but I can't able to access the reaction-next-starterkit from localhost:4000. How can I do port forwarding for all the reaction commerce containers after running the "make start" command ? Please assist
Lorenzo de Vargas Candiago
Jan 14 14:35



You can check out a live shop and use the admin tool in our Demo Swag shop. You can also run the demo locally by cloning the Reaction Swag Shop repository.

The "Demo Swag" link isn't working. Do someone have the correct link?

Lorenzo de Vargas Candiago
Jan 14 14:52
@abdelkrim23 I made a Dual Boot (windows/ubuntu) right now because I had a lot of problems trying to install reaction commerce on Windows. I recommend you to do the same