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Jan 2019
Bradley Zerafa
Jan 25 00:05
thanks @loan-laux
Bradley Zerafa
Jan 25 01:59
is there someone that could help me with routing?
I've been reading the docs but cant seem to get it to work
Andrés Cortés
Jan 25 20:49
Hi, I followed this to create mutation and register it (related to a new payment method): but I can find how to call it, I looked into the examples (payment-example, payment-stripe) and they use simpleGraphQLClient.mutations.placeOrderWith...but in simpleGraphQLClient.mutationsobject ( I do: console.log('Mutations -->', simpleGraphQLClient.mutations);) don't exists my mutation method, where it is, how can I call it to try to register a order?, Thanks all.
I am working with v2.0.0-rc8 (tag)