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Feb 2019
Loan Laux
Feb 05 06:11
@karbal Hi! Can you tell me what error you're getting back from this query?
Robin Lee
Feb 05 14:48
Hello, I'm having issues getting reaction-platform to run despite following After running make and seeing that the containers are running. I try to access localhost:3000/graphql-alpha (and other urls) from the browser and there is no response. Eventually, the reaction container crashes.
Anybody having issues getting started?
Oh... it just takes really long to build indexes in Mongo (running in docker)
Loan Laux
Feb 05 14:59
Is it working now @robin-lee?
Feb 05 20:38

@loan-laux What I'm trying to do is a noraml call from a user who wanted to see a list of categories so that his products

the request you gave me for it to work you will have to pass ShopId after you get the same data as (edges, nodes, pageInfo, totalCount)
after I have to do what ? because I tried all these nodes

Among the strong points of your solution is Graphql, and Graphql is a REST solution it means it is for mobile or for external applications, my personal opinion is the database as well as documentation is not done well

Are basic requests.
I have a little experience I am a full stack, for a beginner who want to learn the framework, in your opinion it will be how?

If you accept here my advisors to improve this framework:

  • first you have to go to typescript if not go with the javascript developers and see their miserable life with the nullpointer, with the functional bugs that come out at the moment of production
  • it is necessary that framework is opened, for other solution is not only ecommerce (here think of Odoo), such as the management of the estimates, contability and other.
  • Think about the solution to be installable using the solution Electron
  • facilitated the Mutliple employer so that it is easy to integrate in the plugins customize
  • Think to integrate Paypal is very important
Vishal Gupta
Feb 05 22:32
Hi Team
Does Reaction Commerce is completely API first Commerce, which I imply that at least all core features like Customer Registration, Product Catalog List, Inventory Check, Price Info, Checkout Process etc., is available through APIs itself.. basically will not use frontend starter kit or anything from your frontend stack as frontend will be native mobile app