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Feb 2019
Abhishek Kaushik
Feb 16 10:53
Hello - I'm new to reaction commerce. Is there a way to see "sites built with reaction commerce"?
Philipp Laurim
Feb 16 13:44
Thanks @loan-laux
Now I tried following the custom homepage tutorial and ran into this compiler error:
Module not found: Can't resolve '@reactioncommerce/components/AddressChoice/v1' in ./src/custom/componentsContext.js
Anybody experienced something similar?
Janus Reith
Feb 16 15:22
@cortesa That should be pretty self-explanatory. getGraphQLContextInMeteorMethod could not be found in the given path, so check that import in your "CryptoPaymentForm.js"

@EdgarNigel The Component seems to be right. Does your plugin have a custom package.json ?
If yes, this could be related to a missing babel alias:
"alias": {
"@reactioncommerce/reaction-components": "./imports/plugins/core/components/lib",

You can copy over the relevant babel configuration from the main reaction package.json,
or just directly adjust your imports to "/imports/plugins/core/components/lib"

Andrés Cortés
Feb 16 16:17
@janus-reith , Yes that what make it strange, my import line is:
import getGraphQLContextInMeteorMethod from "/imports/plugins/core/graphql/server/getGraphQLContextInMeteorMethod";
and this is the tree, I look it twice and seems correct but throw the error
tell me if you see the error, please this is make me crazy and possibly fresh eyes can see what I can't
Feb 16 18:26

docker-compose file in my reaction-next-starterkit is not configured properly.

"command: "/usr/local/src/reaction-app/bin/start"

I believe this command is causing my make command not to work for starterkit.

Mine is called "reaction-platform" and the setup is located here: C:\Users\Anthony\reaction-platform\reaction\bin

but there is also a setup file located here: C:\Users\Anthony\reaction-platform\reaction-next-starterkit\bin

Which bin/setup file should I be pointing to? reaction-platform or the startkit?

Philipp Laurim
Feb 16 19:58
@janus-reith Thanks, that helped!