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Feb 2019
Feb 19 02:28
whether Reaction Component Library can be used in React Native App?
Baldwin John Sumatra
Feb 19 06:01
does anyone know how to set up shipping/payment options for merchant shop?
Muhammad Adil
Feb 19 06:11
@bij-fts There is youtube video from Reaction Commerce, Please check.
Baldwin John Sumatra
Feb 19 09:05
@adilsaeed31 I followed that video, I have the primary shop and one merchant shop setup right now and if I checkout with a cart containing items only from the merchant shop, no shipping methods are displayed (see attached image). I am not using Shippo just the standard "Flat Rate" option
I also noticed that the shipping collection contains only one record and that it is linked to the primary shop. it says in the docs that there can be separate fulfillment options between shops (
is it possible that this functionality is not yet fully working as of now?
Loan Laux
Feb 19 09:28
@bij-fts Did you set up flat rates from the merchant account as well?
Baldwin John Sumatra
Feb 19 09:55
@loan-laux there's no setting in the dashboard for it (no truck icon in the sidebar) there's a link on /operator but it only shows a blank page
Robin Lee
Feb 19 15:13
@loan-laux For reaction-platform, the mongo instance is not configured to persist indexes?
Or even persist anything at all
Janus Reith
Feb 19 15:18

This is an excerpt of the docker-compose file of the reaction repo(which is cloned during make of reaction-platform):

    image: mongo:3.6.3
    command: mongod --oplogSize 128 --replSet rs0 --storageEngine=wiredTiger
      - "27017:27017"
      - mongo-db:/data/db


mongodb data path is declared as a volume, this is what I would see as persistent, but I didn't investigate further regarding indices.

Robin Lee
Feb 19 16:17
Yeah, according to config its a persistent volume. In the logs I see the index triggered again when I run make start. There seems to be a long wait between Started proxy and Started your app for reaction.
Eliot Hills
Feb 19 19:37
@EdgarNigel can you point to some code or post a gist? I’ve used jss before so maybe I can help
Feb 19 20:21
Hi everyone, is there an option to change the layout of reaction by the domain (or the shopId)?
Does the next-starter-kit update the page simultaneously like a meteor application?
Eliot Hills
Feb 19 23:10
@leobastiani for your second question, I think the answer is “if you want, but it’ll take some work”
the starterkit uses apollo graphQL as its data layer, which doesn’t have reactivity by default