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Feb 2019
Slava Koshevoi
Feb 25 17:00
Hello. How I can subscribe for some specific document and get reactive changes? For example, Order details.
Marvin Kome
Feb 25 18:08
ERROR: MongoDB not reachable in time I get this error
How do i setup reaction. It just never works
I'm fustrated
I have a local mongodb, I can't stop it because reaction needs a custom db
I can't use it either
I tried changing the .env file it wont work
reaction_reaction_1 exited with code 10 It always ends with this
Marvin Kome
Feb 25 18:39
I'm using v 2.0 btw
Marvin Kome
Feb 25 20:49
It's finally up
Eliot Hills
Feb 25 21:18
ah @EdgarNigel I see your problem
with JSS, it doesn’t create a class called “homepage”, it passes a classes prop which has the classes you defined as attributes, so it looks something like this:
  homepage: ‘generated-classname-77'
so you should use className={this.props.classes.homepage}