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Feb 2019
Baldwin John Sumatra
Feb 28 14:56
Philipp Laurim
Feb 28 16:22
@bradlead no the root directory uses the make file which uses the 3 Dockerfiles from within the subdirs
Alternatively you can also docker run all the 3 subdirs I guess
from within the root just run make start
Feb 28 19:36
@elhil not a stupid question! it's for Reaction, not StarterKit.
@elhil to run the reaction API as a standalone service, you can try docker-compose up mongo && docker-compose run --rm --service-ports reaction yarn devserver take a look at the new changes from this PR: reactioncommerce/reaction#4992
Eliot Hills
Feb 28 19:42
@machikoyasuda makes sense! great tip, thanks :)