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Mar 2019
Juan Obrach
Mar 01 00:06
HI everybody!
I want to start my project using reaction. But I have a very important question to do after start to coding. It's possible to add my own payment gateway and shipping provider ?
Rajesh Meniya
Mar 01 05:13
Hi Everybody,
I have installed reactioncommerce in ubuntu 18.04 but I have noticed some functionalaties are not working in admin UI, and also I want help for premium theme for my shop.. is there any paid themes available?
Matteo Sanna
Mar 01 07:53
Hello, I would like to add a Language selector on my storefront header but I cannot retrieve available languages from shop.gql . Any of you could help me? Thank you in advance.
Baldwin John Sumatra
Mar 01 09:39
@juanobrach yes you can. I've created my payment plugin by following As for shipping you can follow this
Loan Laux
Mar 01 11:08
@rajesh-vi No concept of paid themes in Reaction. It's a platform made for enterprise-scale retailers so that wouldn't make a lot of sense. Maybe Shopify would be a better fit for your project?
Rajesh Meniya
Mar 01 11:11
@loan-laux thanks for the clearification, we have approx 20 to 30 products to sell on our website... so just looking for good readymade framework that allow us to completly change layout and checkout flow..
do you have any contact that can do it for us using reactioncommerce?