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Mar 2019
Janus Reith
Mar 05 12:48
@adilsaeed31 Should be simple by using, but I'd recommend against that and instead check out if styled-components or styled-jsx suits your needs
Janus Reith
Mar 05 12:55
The is using styled-components, material ui which is also used in the starterkit is using their custom HOC for JSS (See but that should be - correct me if I'm wrong - mostly interoperable with styled-components
Eliot Hills
Mar 05 15:09
hey folks, I’m just about finished creating a complete reaction-platform staging environment behind Cloudflare Access - including HTTPS across multiple subdomains, direct API access with JWTs, and continuous deployment with circleCI 🤓 any interest in a blog post?
Loan Laux
Mar 05 15:11
Absolutely @elhil!
Matteo Sanna
Mar 05 15:13
Eliot Hills
Mar 05 17:51
anyone know how to set the graphiql default options? I just need to set "request.credentials": "same-origin”