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Mar 2019
Muhammad Adil
Mar 06 04:48
@janus-reith Actually I have purchased a theme from themeforest, Now I want to include it's bootstrap.css and theme custom style into reaction commerce. So there is any chance like this. but I also want to use material UI for buttons and some effects. Any idea in that?
Mar 06 12:19
Hey all - I've deployed the auth and the reaction back end but getting errors for my env variables with the next-starterkit storefront. Can anyone help with setting these? Missing environment variables:
CANONICAL_URL: undefined
OAUTH2_AUTH_URL: undefined
OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID: undefined
OAUTH2_IDP_HOST_URL: undefined
OAUTH2_TOKEN_URL: undefined
Currently they are all set to the default values @localhost etc
Loan Laux
Mar 06 12:31
@bradlead Make sure you've renamed .env.example to .env and edited whatever variable you want to edit in there
Mar 06 13:46
Hey! First time experimenting with Reaction Commerce. I've followed the Install Reaction Platform documentation ( until the last step. However, I'm not sure what's next (??). I tried opening all of the localhost:** in my browser with no success, getting a bit more familiar with the Docker documentation in case I missed something (I did their Get Started section and I also installed Kitematic), and exploring the rest of the Reaction Commerce documentation. I see many references to the Reaction CLI but in the Reaction repo I see it is deprecated as of v2.0. I also see a lot of references to Meteor but in the Installation documentation I followed there's nothing about it. What am I missing? I understand that I might be lacking some knowledge building blocks too so I would really appreciate a finger pointing in the right direction
Eliot Hills
Mar 06 16:57
@eduardoltorres try looking at the docker logs? go into the reaction subdirectory and run docker-compose logs -f
there are a few things that would keep the API from starting properly
Mar 06 19:02
@loan-laux thanks! Done that but I can't find any guidance on what any of the Graphql or OAuth variables should be set too. I've not made any changes to reaction so on that basis should I just be looking towards Graphql and Hydra documentation?
Eliot Hills
Mar 06 19:11
@bradlead are you using the stock docker-compose.yml?
Mar 06 19:12
@elhil yes not made any changes to that file
Eliot Hills
Mar 06 21:01
anyone know of a way to disable the storefront on the Meteor instance of reaction? users are sent there for login/IDP but they could easily access the storefront if they wanted to
my current idea is just to use nginx rules to limit subpaths but it seems like a hack