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Mar 2019
Mar 12 01:56
are there documentations related to deploying nextjs as docker container already?
as I understood, next is still reliant to meteor even without the storefront? so deploying next right now would still need meteor to be deployed right?
Mar 12 02:15
what steps should I follow to properly deploy nextjs?
Matteo Sanna
Mar 12 11:27
@janus-reith reaction-next-starterkit doesn't have language support at the moment?
Sibidharan Nandhakumar
Mar 12 12:24
Janus Reith
Mar 12 13:40
@matteoSANE nope. should be the easiest to implement. This is what I did, but I didn't translate/replace most of the strings yet.
Still need to figure out if it's useful to take over the existing translations from the meteor ui, which is using i18next aswell.
@mikemurray, @kieckhafer, @willopez, @aldeed, any plans in that direction?
Matteo Sanna
Mar 12 14:43
@janus-reith I also thought in using that plugin. I have just created a language dropdown component that loads the available languages ​​and I would to plan how to make the internationalization work in the frontend