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Mar 2019
Binay Thapa Magar
Mar 21 07:17
Hello there,I want a live demo of reactiocommerce.Can anyone help me out with that?
Mar 21 07:19
@binaythapamagar idk about the live demo, but you can see the swag shop by reactioncommerce
Mar 21 09:03
hi whe i wne tot install i nremoved the it installed but only part of it, can you help me understand what i need to do this part : git clone : reactioncommerce/reaction-platform.git
Mar 21 09:21
@dijitol77 try git clone with http git clone
Mar 21 09:53
Hi I did that and alrtered the deps too so thety installed and it did install i have it here but the other stuff im told on 4444 etc doesnt work, any idea what i might be doing wrong here ?
S Tunji Turner
Mar 21 18:15
Swag Shop Demo Deprecated