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Mar 2019
Mar 22 05:12
Hi i am using reaction commerce 2 but it gives me access denied error for build
anyone please can help me?
Mar 22 11:08
Hi Reaction Expert
i am not able to run reaction_reaction instance
its starting and stopping in few seconds
i got below error
reaction_1 | Failed to reset plugins file at /opt/reaction/src/client/plugins.js
did any body faced same problem
Mar 22 11:13
anybody faced same error while running docker?
Mar 22 13:38
Andrés Cortés
Mar 22 19:54
Hello again @All
is there a way to replace an email template for a custom one? I mean when an order are placed it send an email with some calcs that are filled wen mail are composed, I want to customize the template and the chance to add more calcs from my payment pluging? Thanks in advance.
Nuruddin Badawi
Mar 22 21:07
Hello, Can I build storefront for the marketplace, not like reaction-next-starterkit for single shop ?
Nuruddin Badawi
Mar 22 23:17
Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 2.17.05 AM.png
why the admin menu missing some text, and the title of tha admin page is “Not-Found”?
and also what should appear in the /operator page ?