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Mar 2019
Iñigo Echeverría
Mar 23 03:47
Hello all,
how can I reset the mongo database to its initial state (i.e. to its state after a fresh install with reaction-platform)? I tried docker-compose run --rm reaction reaction reset but that does not reset the database specified with MONGO_URL
Mar 23 08:43
Can Reaction team elaborate more on this:
"Reaction is no-longer a customer-facing app, it's an administration tool and offers a GraphQL API."
What does it mean for the dashboard/admin?
If Reaction is developing and maintaining the Nextjs startekit. How does that play with "no-longer a customer-facing app"?
I'm referring to the release notes here:
Nuruddin Badawi
Mar 23 09:49
is there a tuturial how to customize the product variants, for example I want to remove the Tax’s, Inventory tracking, and Origin country, because in my case I’ll not listing product I’ll listing Food for ordering
is it possible ?
Ayo Alfonso
Mar 23 11:36
Hello does anyone else have an issue of trying to "become a seller" and see this error : "Could not create shop for current user Error: Order status labels is required "
Vishal Garg
Mar 23 15:49
When i run command in my Ubuntu "docker ps" it shows all services running but when i browse to http://localhost:3000 or at port 4000 nothign is working
Mar 23 16:54
Hey! Havent checked out reaction in awhile. Is there anyway to make private or password protected products in the store? Or at very least a product link that works but is not displayed publicly in the store front? Thanks in advance
Mar 23 17:46
Hi there everyone :) I would like to ask that is Reaction commerce free solution ?
This is completely free solution ?
Mar 23 18:30
I am just creating my store with just express and mongoose. Unfortunately I don't have any knowledge about React. Is there some opportunity to create a store with Social login authentication or implementing own solution like gallery via Instagram API or sth?