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Mar 2019
Muhammad Adil
Mar 25 04:54
@all Did some one add filter serach on product listing in reaction commerce store front ?
Roma Pogodich
Mar 25 08:18
@all Hi, how I can apply discount code when I create order through storefront?
Andrés Cortés
Mar 25 11:10
Hello again @All
is there a way to replace an email template for a custom one? I mean when an order are placed it send an email with some calcs that are filled wen mail are composed, I want to customize the template and the chance to add more calcs from my payment pluging? Thanks in advance.
Patrick Newell
Mar 25 13:30
@moeghashim the Reaction Platform is now broken up into three repos. It used to live entirely in the repo your cited. During the migration, the Storefront remained in the reaction repo, but has since been removed and you should look to the reaction-nextjs-starterkit for a frontend.
(The third repo, reaction-hydra, issues authentication when a user logs in.)
Eliot Hills
Mar 25 14:17
anyone else getting Error: App failed to start in the latest reaction ?
Eliot Hills
Mar 25 17:22
it was a memory issue, sorry for the noise