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Apr 2019
Yoni Braslaver
Apr 01 11:04
Hi ,I've developing with docker and reaction-platfrom, I've added a custom plugin. now every time I change something in the new plugin all the plugins restart which takes very long time. any way to avoid it?
Apr 01 11:19
Hi @JoniBR how to turn on dev server for installed reaction-platform?
Apr 01 11:59
Hi, I've been looking for discount/promotions in reaction but actually I can't find how can I add one to product from admin panel. I see from graphql queries that query for product contains "minPrice" and "maxPrice", but those are fields taken from ( what I understand ) the highest and the lowest price from available variants. So is it possible to add some "promotionalPrice" or is it something that one have to do by himself?
Apr 01 12:36
Thanks :D
I have never used Docker before. I made it :) btw Reaction platform works.
Apr 01 13:01
Hi everyone,
I am trying for a week now to setup reaction and to no avail. I am on a windows 7 machine and I would like to setup reaction server on DigitalOcean. However I am running into errors all the time and I don’t know what to do.
I have followed the guide from reaction-platform and still I cannot access front page as reaction container stops.
I don’t know much back end and I feel like stupid for a week now. Can anybody talk me through the steps to setup reaction on DigitalOcean please?