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Apr 2019
Janus Reith
Apr 19 09:00
@harry-singh What kind of attributes, on products?
And where are they relevant, should they be displayed to the customer? Maybe Metafields on products work for you?
Apr 19 15:18
Hi @janus-reith I am looking for a way to expand the product details page attributes. Some example are "On Sale" "Additional product details" etc. Basically a customer has all its attributes in another systems say a PIM system and we need to use those attributes as opposed to what is there by Default. Other requirements are to store and display product PDFs (like product data sheets)
Paul Hoza
Apr 19 17:54
Hello folks. I'm evaluating RC against some other more familiar options (php cms options). I'm currently trying to use BigCommerce headless via API from WordPress(yuck) or Drupal (less yuck) since modules are emerging lately after BigCommerce has been pushing API initiatives. However, I am REALLY digging ReactionCommerce from a high level, so is anyone aware of a project to integrate BigComm as the commerce back end, using RC on the front(/middle?)?
The way I'm trying to use WP or Drupal is to pull in products managed at BigCommerce, but on several front-end websites. I'd like to have one central repository of products, customers, orders, taxes, etc., and just pull out the products specific to different "brands" on separate domains, all using the one ecommerce back end.... maybe something like this is possible in ReactionCommerce right away instead? (Maybe BC sucks also, but I'm still deep in research, so little personal experience so far.)
Thanks for any input!
Eliot Hills
Apr 19 21:21
@PaulHoza my $.02 is that the storefront is pretty tightly coupled with the graphQL API: React containers reference queries to get all their data, etc.
that being said you could use as building blocks
but I doubt the storefront/starterkit would be much use connecting to a different backend?
Paul Hoza
Apr 19 21:26
Thank you @elhil . I've been reading a lot of stuff all day and I guess I'm moving closer to just trying out Reaction directly (v1.x for now). I'm just unsure about it, since I had convinced myself that I'd like to have someone else manage the ecommerce stuff on a SaaS level. I typically host my own stuff completely, but I'm trying to move away from the time/stress of managing too many things... I was thinking BigCommerce/Shopify/etc. could solve the back portion of that, but maybe I'm worrying over "nothing"-ish.
Eliot Hills
Apr 19 21:27
one question: how much custom code do you need? I don’t think RC makes any sense unless you want a high degree of control over the code
Paul Hoza
Apr 19 21:28
As long as managing a production server isn't well over my head with a Reaction stack (security, updating, etc.), I might be able to really enjoy working on an ecommerce site instead of dreading it. :)
@elhil Well... honestly not sure yet, tbh. I'm more used to using systems other people build, but I spend a lot of time tweaking & extending. It's a bit of a new paradigm for me to consider building something more from the ground-up, especially as it comes to a CMS or ecommerce thing.
I'm a game designer/dev under another hat, so I can't help but want to add features to things, but typically I haven't really had the means to do much since I didn't want to become a PHP developer. However, Javascript is more in my wheelhouse from other work I've done, so I've been thinking i'm missing out by not doing Node, etc. sooner.