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Apr 2019
Apr 25 10:00 UTC
Hi everyone, does version 2.0 is ready for production use? thanks
Damien Cosset
Apr 25 11:56 UTC
Hello everyone! When I run make start and take a look at the docker-compose logs -f in reaction/. I have the following error:
reaction_1 | app/client/plugins.less: warn: There are some @import rules those are not taking effect as they are required to be in the beginning of the file.
reaction_1 | Killed
reaction_reaction_1 exited with code 1
Any ideas?
Rajan Tiwari
Apr 25 12:27 UTC
@Tagada85 that is just a warning and is not causing any error, reason is something else
you may find the error above this line
Damien Cosset
Apr 25 12:30 UTC
@trojanh you're right!
Error: Command failed: REACTION_METEOR_APP_COMMAND_START_TIME=1556190775608 meteor run --no-lint --no-release-check --raw-logs
this must be the one right?
Rajan Tiwari
Apr 25 12:32 UTC
even this isn't helping find the cause of error, can you see anything more ?
Apr 25 12:40 UTC
Anybody faced same problem.. I am getting error "User has no password" while testing marketplace
Damien Cosset
Apr 25 12:56 UTC
@trojanh { Error: Command failed: REACTION_METEOR_APP_COMMAND_START_TIME=1556190775608 meteor run --no-lint --no-release-check --raw-logs
reaction_1 | at checkExecSyncError (child_process.js:601:13)
reaction_1 | at Object.execSync (child_process.js:641:13)
reaction_1 | at run (file:///opt/reaction/src/.reaction/run/index.mjs:41:18)
reaction_1 | at file:///opt/reaction/src/.reaction/run/index.mjs:49:1
reaction_1 | at (internal/loader/ModuleJob.js:97:14)
reaction_1 | at <anonymous>
reaction_1 | error: null,
reaction_1 | cmd: 'REACTION_METEOR_APP_COMMAND_START_TIME=1556190775608 meteor run --no-lint --no-release-check --raw-logs ',
reaction_1 | file: '/bin/sh',
reaction_1 | args:
reaction_1 | [ '/bin/sh',
reaction_1 | '-c',
reaction_1 | 'REACTION_METEOR_APP_COMMAND_START_TIME=1556190775608 meteor run --no-lint --no-release-check --raw-logs ' ],
Loan Laux
Apr 25 13:00 UTC
@progranime Officially it isn't. Will be in a month or two I believe. But in practice, yes it perfectly is.
@chandrantwins Multi-vendor marketplace isn't officially supported anymore so you may have to tinker a bit to get it to work
Rajan Tiwari
Apr 25 13:04 UTC
@Tagada85 can you check if 3000 port is under use ?
Loan Laux
Apr 25 13:07 UTC

@PaulHoza Sorry I was AFK when you sent that message. Couldn't have put it better than @janus-reith did. Building something on Reaction will take more time and effort than WordPress, and the maintenance will reflect that too.

It's simple: Reaction is not a CMS.

It's a framework-type solution that focuses on developer productivity. Most things you will find built-in on many solutions will have to be custom-made with Reaction (for example search is not built-in at the moment). It's a totally different approach.
Typically, companies considering Reaction would not even think about WordPress as an option. The comparison would rather be "build from scratch vs. Reaction Commerce", or against some other enterprise-focused solutions like Hybris, OroCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud etc.

That being said, if you've factored in time, effort, budget, maintenance, hosting, and your clients are still okay with that, then you can't go wrong with Reaction.

Damien Cosset
Apr 25 13:09 UTC
@trojanh It is not
Loan Laux
Apr 25 13:12 UTC
@Tagada85 Make sure you have at least 6GB of RAM allocated to Docker, in your Docker config panel
The Meteor build tool is terribly poorly optimized and requires a lot of RAM
Apr 25 14:40 UTC
Hello I can install Ubuntu Reaction Platform ?
Patrick Newell
Apr 25 17:03 UTC
Has anyone implemented (and willing to share!) an "analytics provider" for Google Analytics (following these instructions)?
Loan Laux
Apr 25 17:04 UTC
@pnewell4_twitter The only way I'd previously integrated GA was by using react-router-ga:
Unless you're looking at using events, I'd say that's a perfectly fine solution
Patrick Newell
Apr 25 17:05 UTC
I'll check it out, thanks
Janus Reith
Apr 25 17:43 UTC
When Google Analytics script is loaded, dataLayer should be available on window
As react-tracking is already used throughout the app, you would just need to pass these events i react-trackings's dispatch
Patrick Newell
Apr 25 17:45 UTC
cool, I'll give it a shot
Paul Hoza
Apr 25 17:49 UTC
@loan-laux Thank you for your response. I appreciate the feedback.
Apr 25 22:34 UTC
@loan-laux are there any plans for marketplace to be more fully-supported in the feature?
And a secondary question... looking at the release candidate, I see a checkbox under shop > marketplace for "Allow Merchant Signup" -- what functionality does that currently provide, and are there any plans to remove it?