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Apr 2019
Daniel Honig
Apr 30 00:48
I'm working on figuring out the best way to integrate into Reaction. So far I think I really like the idea of Schema-Stiching. I think in any case you start with two different apollo clients.....
Apr 30 07:12
Hello, how do I propose a feature request (to which I have a working solution)? I used reaction-feature-requests repository but it is not actively looked at. My feature request is to send emails based on user's preffered language rather than language of the store. This way 2 users could receive emails in different language from same store as an example.
Janus Reith
Apr 30 07:18
@jm18457 While there is no proper UI for that, you can add different email templates with multiple localizations to the Templatecollection of your database
Apr 30 08:25
@janus-reith Yes, I know. Problem is that functions getTemplate and getSubject which are located in /imports/plugins/core/core/server/Reaction/Email/ folder determine language with Reaction.getShopLanguage(). They then find email template and subject from database using the language field. It is irrelevant whether user wants english, german, french language. They will always receive the language of the shop.
Janus Reith
Apr 30 09:00
@jm18457 ok I get the issue
Apr 30 09:08
@janus-reith Here we have our proposed solution and implementation of said solution. Modify account.profile schema to allow field language. Then modify getTemplate and getSubject to accept optional parameter language which is gained from account.profile.language or default shoplanguage if user set language does not exist.
Apr 30 11:34
Hi Guys, admin dashboard is loading very slow
is there a way to imprve the speed
Apr 30 11:41
Hi everyone
i need your help
i am unable to activate custom plugin from dashboard
Loan Laux
Apr 30 14:35
@laur-cosoi There's no way to enable or disable plugins from the dashboard. It's all done by the plugin loader, and your plugin should be loaded by just putting it in the custom folder.
@dev-expert What specific area is slow? I recall there's currently a PR to work on the Orders page which has performance issue. Is that your case?