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May 2019
May 03 08:21
hi, I am getting The OAuth2 request resulted in an error.
Error: invalid_request
Description: The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed
Hint: The "redirect_uri" parameter does not match any of the OAuth 2.0 Client's pre-registered redirect urls.
You are seeing this default error page because the administrator has not set a dedicated error URL (environment variable OAUTH2_ERROR_URL is not set). If you are an administrator, please read the guide to understand what you need to do. If you are a user, please contact the administrator.
when trying to login or register on main storefront ui
can anyone please help me to solve this issue
May 03 11:38
@dhonig or Anyone, I am trying to find out a way to change the title of Admin Pages. Can anyone suggest me how to do that?
Nei Santos
May 03 15:18
Hi, I am trying to load the sample data using this but it seems it does not work. after reaction reset do I need to do anything else?
I can see it was loaded
14:58:59.282Z INFO Reaction: Successfully initialized package: reaction-devtools... 46/47
Nei Santos
May 03 15:35
I've found the answer on an open PR. thanks.
Eliot Hills
May 03 16:08
@pankaj-ranjan reaction uses
Eliot Hills
May 03 18:36
is it possible to have the payload of a mutation resolve via the resolvers for that type, rather than applying the same transformations manually? seems DRYer but maybe I’m missing something?
May 03 18:52
When running a marketplace, what kind of legal work do you need?
i.e. what if the seller doesn't ship the products
May 03 20:43
Greetings all! I have the installation done and I am sifting through the doc/tutorials. There are some references to Meteor being "transitioned off of". So is it safe to say that the two-way-data-binding / pub-sub benefits of Meteor will take some effort since React doesn't intrinsically support it?