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May 2019
Nuruddin Badawi
May 12 03:03
is there a way to implement cash on delivery COD method ?
Richard Keller
May 12 21:43
I was thinking more and more about headless in the reaction ecosystem and the push towards it. I'm always tired of integrating ERP , order management etc into another stack ( I own a ERP software company ). So what I was thinking is that on the request for a product the reaction system could make a REST or GraphQL call to a 3rd party server and build the product on the fly. I think that the categorization and product specification management is best left in the base Business Systems. I've already built a next.js reaction wrapper based on the starterkit to do automotive style navigation and instead of building a pipeline into the reaction database. I want the reaction database to pull data when needed. Then an adapter can be built for anything ERP, CMS, other systems since product data is a pull system. A headless E-commerce system will pull capabilities for catalog and product would be pretty slick.