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May 2019
May 14 02:06
@Ancinek It may take a while for both ports to send data. I usually give it 20 mins.
Alexander Bach
May 14 09:09
Hey! I setup Stripe payments using their test keys but whenever I enter payment info, it gives an error in the console: POST 401. I double-checked the keys and the card info and both things are right
Marcin Brukiewicz
May 14 13:01
@albertstartup Thanks a lot mate! BTW How can I access the shop itself? I am able to get access to the /operator only. I guess I'm not getting how this reaction-platform is structured.
  1. Do I need reaction and the NextJS starter kit or do I only need one?
  2. Should I only do make in the reaction-platform directory once and then use docker-compose up -d inside the particular directories (e.g. reaction) or should I always use make to run the services?
  3. How can I access the store itself ?
@AlexanderBachSchmidt 401 is clearly an authentication problem. Try to make those requests using terminal or Postman and see if they work. Check the request's headers and see if everything needed for the auth is being sent in there.
Alexander Bach
May 14 13:42
@Ancinek You were right! Missed the whole .env variable thing. Only added them inside the admin settings. Thanks!
Marcin Brukiewicz
May 14 13:56
Ah, now I know that Reaction is pretty much just a management system and build the store is on the developer side. This really should be stated in something like overview (or maybe I missed it) and not in Storefront UI Development Guide
Alexander Bach
May 14 14:08
Yeah. Another quick one, why are everything in plugins/custom included in gitignore? Am I not supposed to add my own functionality for reaction in there?
May 14 14:23
hey guys - i have a question. images always have localhost as host in the storefront. I am curious why since im pretty sure i added the proper environment variables
Loan Laux
May 14 14:26
@AlexanderBachSchmidt I think that's because in the beginning you were supposed to version your plugins separately and include them in there with git submodules. Regardless, I always remove this line of the gitignore on new Reaction projects.
May 14 21:50
Guys, I am a brand new to rc, I have just installed v2.0.0-rc.11. I want to add search functionality. Where is some how-to. Can't find shit... I know about backend-mongo, and frontend plugin, but on the other hand, it looks like search-mongo is removed. Is there any url where this is explained from scratch to solution that works? does not help at all. Thanks