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May 2019
May 22 13:12
Hi, can anybody give me a short info about the state of headless in Reaction and the GraphQL API? We would love to know if it is production ready! Also, are there any specific plans on future development as you guys have been pretty quiet in the last few weeks?
Loan Laux
May 22 13:18

@lncls I'd say the GraphQL API is pretty complete. Definitely covers most e-commerce use cases out there, and some more complex features like support for store pickup etc are being implemented. Not so long ago, the ground-work for allowing complex per-product pricing rules was implemented (see simple-pricing in the code). Whether it's ready for production or not highly depends on your project's requirements.

As for the roadmap, lots of things are actually on the radar. The biggest one is moving away from Meteor and onto pure Node. Then there's a bunch of cool stuff like an ElasticSearch-powered search feature, as well as Cloudinary and Contentful support. You can read about the 2019 roadmap right here:

@lncls If you need people who know Reaction inside out to evaluate the feasibility of your project, don't hesitate to reach out. DM me or shoot me an e-mail at
May 22 13:33
@loan-laux Thanks! We will contact you later.
May 22 15:48
Hi, i'm still strugling to get Reaction running on my Windows 10 machine. Installed en de-installed everything twice, looking at Hyper-V, Docker and everything, but cna't get rid of the connection refused messages. The main issue is (i believe) that localhost or are being refused by Docker. One thing noticeable when creating the containers is this message: $ docker-compose up --force-recreate
Recreating reaction-next-starterkit_web_1 ... done
Attaching to reaction-next-starterkit_web_1
': No such file or directory'sh
reaction-next-starterkit_web_1 exited with code 127
Anyone have any idea?
May 22 20:07
Hi, I'm new to reaction commerce and am interested in using mongodb hosted on google cloud instead of locally
Are there any instructions on how to setup the private key?