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Aug 2016
Marc Piechura
Aug 08 2016 08:20
@viktorklang sorry for the late response, the only other implementation in .Net I know of is Reactor but they haven't implemented the TCK
David Karnok
Aug 08 2016 11:55
I'm low on time as I have to manage several projects so no promise on when Reactor.Core will do TCK. I merged in the environment support and have one test now that fails/hangs. It's kind of difficult to figure out why without the TCK sources at hand (which is neatly accessible in the JVM version).
David Karnok
Aug 08 2016 12:04
Run the TCK on our concat() impl and these fail:
  • Required_spec109_subscribeThrowNPEOnNullSubscriber : we don't throw ArgumentNullException but rely on NullReferenceException implicitly
  • Required_spec309_requestNegativeNumberMustSignalIllegalArgumentException : I guess it is expected request() calls onError but generally that's a concurrency violation on onError if the request() is asynchronous relative to onError
  • Required_spec309_requestZeroMustSignalIllegalArgumentException : same as above
David Karnok
Aug 08 2016 12:38
For now, I'll add a Tck() operator that behaves like the TCK expects...
David Karnok
Aug 08 2016 12:51
FYI, the TCK now passes for the operator Concat:
Viktor Klang (√)
Aug 08 2016 14:48
@akarnokd RE: 3.09, the onError should be signalled as a response to requesting a negative number, i.e. it is not the request method itself that should do it, in the case of async publishers.
David Karnok
Aug 08 2016 16:05
No problem, added a Tck() operator that serializes the call to OnError when called from request() with any other call to OnXXX.