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Oct 2016
Werner Roets
Oct 04 2016 10:38
PHP is far, far better for writing server code than JS. ES6 would make life easier, but it's still not ideal. The problem is (like you said your team hates PHP), that PHP has a reputation of being a dirty language for beginner programmers making wordpress plugins or amateur websites. Realistically, PHP is an incredibly stable and feature rich language that is easy to use and incredibly productive. In the node world it's just far too easy to write bugs into your program. The main problem is prototypal objects in JS. The fact that you can assign to non-existent properties or overwrite exising ones. JS programmers seldomly come from a more formal background and that means they are not familiar with the concept of data hiding. I firmly believe that JS is the wrong language for server software, and probably not truly suitable for large projects.