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Dec 2017
Dec 14 2017 10:28

Hi there! I'm new to ReactPHP, especially Event loops.

My use case:
An asynch microservice generates a PDF. The process may only take a second. But there maybe are a lot jobs in the queue.
After successful generation an event is fired. It is produced by the generation microservice and passed to a rabbitMQ queue.
Then my Core Microservice subscribes to the event. The Process Manager updates my Projection and sets an ID from NULL to the value from the event.

In my application:
A repository method (ORM to mysql) returns NULL or an ID. I have to query the method for about 60 seconds waiting for it to reutrn the ID.
Otherwise it is a timeout or the PDF could (yet) not be generated. Throw message to User Interface.

This is the code that's currently working for me:

Any feedback would be appreciated.