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Feb 2015
Sylvain Le Bon
Feb 18 2015 11:01
Hey there
Do you think it would be possible to remove the parameters of the run inside sbt?
I think it would be better if there were default values for them, even better if there was a way to configure them
Justas Ažna
Feb 18 2015 11:10
I personally, don't care about it ATM- I type the command once and then I can find it with reverse-search (Ctrl+R). Having said that, it seems that one way to achieve this would be to add a command alias:
Henry Story
Feb 18 2015 11:41
ok, we seem to be making progress for EU project with major french research institute taking over the organisation of it.
Feb 18 2015 12:14
how is the plan for the writing of the final proposal? Do we require further cooperation partners?
What about local small business? Would they make an interesting user-community?
Anton Kulaga
Feb 18 2015 19:51
Can I help with the project?