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Sep 2018
Henry Story
Sep 13 2018 16:49
I am sorry this is so much work. It used to be quite straightforward...
Have you made sure you downloaded the Play tgz version and are have that set up as your default Play ?
The library I am using should just work with that, and I am surprised that all the dependencies are not in there already.
What we have written is a play app, that turns it into an LDP server. IT's really a bit heavy handed, as play is already a web server in a way, but it was interesting at the time for people who may have wanted to use play to run normal apps.
Tim McIver
Sep 13 2018 17:33
NP. It's more due to my lack of understanding of Play and the way SBT handles dependencies. I asked some questions in the Play gitter channel but did not receive an answer. I'll next try in the Scala channel.
Henry Story
Sep 13 2018 18:26
ah. yes, it is worth learning SBT (unless something is replacing it right now)
A year ago I heard someone influencial start working on a replacement, but I don't know how much success that has had.
Sorry for the state of the docs there...
see if you can get Play-TLS as downloaded to work with a basic demo app to start with