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    Ok nvm it seems to be working. I needed to try a valid path like localhost:3000/api/articles
    Chris Shepherd
    Hey lovely friends!
    I was wondering whether or not there was a complete Typescript example just yet? :thinking

    I was wondering whether or not there was a complete Typescript example just yet? :thinking

    Angular(TS) there it is: https://github.com/gothinkster/angular-realworld-example-app

    I'm learning AngularDart by implementing The realworld example app at https://github.com/gothinkster/angular-realworld-example-app. Looking forward to fork and contribute

    I'm done.

    How could I contribute to the main repo?

    Hello, I am trying to run a development for a mean stack application. I have [1] logged into MongoDB, [2] 'npm run dev' on the backend https://github.com/gothinkster/node-express-realworld-example-app (which correctly returns a route), [3] 'ng serve' on the frontend https://github.com/gothinkster/react-redux-realworld-example-app (changed api_url in environment.ts to localhost:3000/api).
    In result, the backend is hanging up when trying to load articles or create a user
    Can anyone per chance give me some guidance?
    I have updated the dependencies and there are issues. I will try on my own to fix it, sorry for the bother.
    Oliver Jackman
    @AlexanderPattison For the frontend, you say you have edited environment.ts and run ng serve, but the repo you link to is the react-redux front end. I've just cloned the react-redux and run with npm run start and it points to the conduit production API as per the setting https://github.com/gothinkster/react-redux-realworld-example-app/blob/master/src/agent.js#L6
    I'm not familiar with ng serve but assume it is an Angular command.
    David Shi
    Like everyone else, I'm curious how contribution works, but it seems like everyone is highly occupied. I made an issue a while ago gothinkster/realworld#513 and am looking for any kind of opinion or attention. Hoping to hear back
    Hi guys. Any info on CORS problem on the API? All projects are broken because of this.
    Bharath Sriraam R R
    Hi everyone, I noticed that fastify is not yet there in the list of backends. I'd like to make one with MongoDB since I'm familiar with it. What's the process to go ahead with this?
    Hi guys. Nice to be here.
    Dmitry Maslennikov
    Made a backend on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform
    Guys, it seems as though the Swift (iOS) work is completely stuck. Any roadmap plans there?
    Hi Guys, is there roadmap for software testing?
    Umer Nawaz
    Hi Guys,
    can anyone help me in unit testing for React application
    Another client/front-end to add to the list. This one's based on WebComponents and ES6 modules using our mg_webComponents mini-framework. No build step involved, no bundling, everything loaded just-in-time from the web server. Very quick and simple to point it at any Conduit back-end. See https://github.com/robtweed/wc-conduit
    Also see the extensive updates I've made to the QEWD Conduit back end - https://github.com/robtweed/qewd-conduit
    have any vue3 demo project´╝č
    Haider Malik
    Does anyone have MERN stack project with React Hooks?
    Nikolaj Ivancic
    @dshimo seeing your post from August, that does not seem to be addressed still, I worry about real interest in new contributions. Does anyone have some real information about that issue?
    Similar situation with @13point5 above
    Nikolaj Ivancic
    @robtweed your message above refers to seemingly complete implementation of wc-counduit. Was this project ever listed on the WIP section of this page ?
    Hi Nikolaj - the wc-conduit RealWorld Client Application wasn't listed on the WIP section. I put it together fairly recently and it would be good if others could try putting it through its paces.
    Could we open up the Github Discussion of https://github.com/gothinkster/realworld ?
    how do i merege back and front of project?
    how do i merege back and front of project?
    please help me
    is there any roadmap for software implementing?
    i try to implement and i use readme, but i have a lot of error.
    Hey guy
    Backend and frontend are separated applications.
    First you need to create 2 site on your hosting server by specifying port number
    And you need to communicate by http between frontend and backend
    If possible, I can help you.
    Frederic Leger
    Hey Guys !
    Trying to setup Realworld application in React + Django for a training
    but keep receiving error 400 bad request
    i'm wondering if it's because there is some missing fixtures in the DB ?
    Nikhil Mishra
    Khushal Bhardwaj
    Hi, I'm Khushal Bhardwaj, New here looks like it's some kind of Discord here. Love to join everyone in the projects with medium responsiveness, started with React and Express not much, I'll be a able to give a little help and get so much from you guys to learn.
    Francesco Sardo
    Hey everyone, I'd like to implement a graphql backend but I can only see specs for REST. I know there are some projects in todo gothinkster/realworld#46 but which spec are they following?
    @frankiesardo https://github.com/gothinkster/realworld/issues/6#issuecomment-804975401 I have a spring boot version graphql server here. Hope this help.
    Hi, where/how is the demo for realworld hosted? https://demo.realworld.io/#/
    Gerome Grignon
    Hello @/all a new maintainer team has been onboarded lately. From now on we'll replace the Gitter by Github Discussions (https://github.com/gothinkster/realworld/discussions) for open discussions about the project. We encourage you to join us there!