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Repo info
    It's CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804
    ReaR 2.4
    I believe that this line " # Skip fake interfaces without MAC address
    [ "$mac" != "00:00:00:00:00:00" ] || return $rc_error" is to blame. But why? And what is the proper way to handle such errors?
    Good morning everyone, I'm new to rear and have a question I can't find the answer for. I used rear to make a bootable usb for a baremetal Proxmox VE machine (Debian). After booting rear the USB keyboard doesn't work. I tried to connect with SSH but the machine asks for a password. Can someone give me a tip to make the keyboard work and/or configure the SSH password. Thank you very much!
    Good day to all.
    Can I ask you if you have experience with NBU 8.2 on Linux + ReaR ? For now this not work at all :)
    Looks like pbx_exchange is not starting, also a lot of nbu directories I tried to add via COPY_AS_IS , rear is 2.4 from centos repositories
    Michael L. Metts
    Hi. I am running Relax-and-Recover 2.4 on a RHEL 7.7 PPC64le with an NFS target and I'm ending up with a TAR file that just has the REAR log in it and nothing else. Looking through the log nothing really stands out. In other words, I don't see anything all that strange in the way of errors. I have it working successfully on other RHEL PPC64le machines but on those, I'm doing the "giant ISO all in one" approach and that's working fine. Has anyone seen or heard of this oddity with the TAR file? Thanks.
    I'll add that it runs pretty fast (too fast) at the end like something's getting skipped over.
    But it doesn't generate any significant errors that I can see.
    Michael L. Metts
    It appears that I have an empty include list. I see closed issues related to that but have not found one that matches my situation or otherwise figured it out yet. If anyone has more clues, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
    Michael L. Metts
    Figured it out. It's a boot_over_SAN issue. Thanks.
    Seth Kushniryk
    Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to run my backups through split during creation. I backup using netfs and tar to a local disk. After the backup I typically run "split -d -b 5G backup.tar.gz backup.tar.gz.". Is there a way to have rear do this during creation?
    John Hamilton
    Hi I am getting errors when trying to install. I managed to get by most but am stuck at ERROR: FindStorageDrivers called but STORAGE_DRIVERS is empty and no builtin storage modules found. Using CentOS Latest Versions or rear 2.6. Any advice?
    Hello! How do I prune one or more backups? There's a HOWOT link in the documentation but it's broken. I'm out of space on my backup device and I really would like to free some up.
    Dear all
    I am running Relax-and-Recover 2.4 on a PPC64le - SLES 12SP3 and after adding FS in EXCLUDE_MOUNTPOINTS the final ISO created by Rear have 16 GB.
    How can i split this 16 GB in DVD format in order to boot from DVD in Power System?
    jerome druais

    Hello all,
    I have a question regarding development/support of ReaR and especially on IBM Z systems (s390x).
    In the community project, I saw the support for IBM Z architecture with 2.6 version. https://github.com/rear/rear (issues #2137 #2142)
    I could have successfully donwloaded rear for RHEL7 on s390x from redhat website but couldn't find it into the ISO himself. I can't find anything for RHEL8 on s390x !
    What is your position around ReaR with IBM Z systems ?

    Regarding RedHat support, I noticed they have a limited support on it.
    Are you aware about the limitations against upstream capabilities they covered ?
    Support Note: Support of ReaR with RHEL is intended for the image based recovery capabilities. While the package includes all of the upstream capabilities, please note that there are many options that are not well tested.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
    cheers !

    Gratien D'haese
    @jeromedruais_twitter Questions around ReaR support on IBM Z systems for the RHEL rear repo we, the upstream maintainers, cannot say anything as RHEL rear version (based on v2.4 with lots of patching based on upstream updates of v2.5 and v2.6) is purely maintained by RedHat itself. The same is true for SuSe's version of ReaR they distribute.
    Gratien D'haese
    @jeromedruais_twitter Furthermore, the IBM Z ReaR implementation was not written by the ReaR maintainers as we don't have access to such machines. We are dependent on the goodwill of the community to test it and provide updates when necessary.
    We provide the code as-is for the user base. If you want to test other backup flows wihtin IBM Z systems then do so and provide pull requests (with an issue containing a proper description of the why's and what's) to get this included in the upstream ReaR version.
    Within a couple of months we will release v2.7 as it is almost 1 year ago we released v2.6.
    1 reply
    Chris Devine
    Hello all,
    I’m having an odd problem restoring with rear. I created ISO files on CentOS 6 and 8. I use Rufus to make a bootable USB drive. I have tried fat32 on the smaller and NTFS on the larger images. I am trying to restore, It boots ok, but I get to the point where the image is trying to be mounted. It fails saying that NTFS is not supported. Where have I gone wrong? Thanks!
    2 replies
    Is there an iso of rear? My usecase would be to create a backup of a freshly installed machine without having to install rear on it.
    We have a special case where we need to backup and restore locally to/from a second logical RAID array. The machine is in a highly secured room and not allowed to connect to other servers or machines... and is why we can only backup and restore locally. So our process is to create the bootable image to the sdcard and then backup the data to a 2nd 2.4 TB logical array using rear and rsync. And the backup runs fine with no issues. However, when I boot into rear to recover the data, the 2nd logical Array is not available for mounting. I can see the device when I run lsblk, but not when I run blkid. Why does rear not see the 2nd logical array? Does rear support backing and restore from a local raid array? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of using borg with relax & recover? The documentation seems a bit scant.
    Gratien D'haese
    @macelik try to find the fix in the answers found via https://github.com/rear/rear/search?q=portmap&type=issues
    Anybody know how to make rear use the bootloader from a specific disk rather than one it's guessed?
    HI all! I have a question about rear on a rhel 8 system.
    I even opened a case and would like to know if the person responded to the bugzilla ticket is actually a rear developer. Because I think the persion is correct and redhat is wrong. I would like to support him but I cannot add any comment to the bugzilla ticket.
    Gratien D'haese

    I even opened a case and would like to know if the person responded to the bugzilla ticket is actually a rear developer. Because I think the persion is correct and redhat is wrong. I would like to support him but I cannot add any comment to the bugzilla ticket.

    Can you share the bugzilla ticket please?

    Dan MacDonald
    Hi all! I'm just about to setup rear for the first time on a server using mdraid for its system disks and /home is on ZFS
    I don't want to backup /home as that will be backed up separately so I'm presuming I just need to add
    EXCLUDE_BACKUP=( "fs:/home" )
    Anything else I should watch out for?
    I'm not sure about EXCLUDE_RECREATE=()
    "Exclude components during component recreation" component recreation is the restore process right?
    Dan MacDonald
    Ah no its not because there is also EXCLUDE_RESTORE=()
    Can someone please explain EXCLUDE_RECREATE=() ? Will I need to use it?
    Also, can I use device names in EXCLUDE_BACKUP=() ?
    I will have one other USB disk plugged into the server and I want to exclude that
    So how do I define multiple items in EXCLUDE_BACKUP? Is it comma or space separated or...
    Hi guys. I'm having problems with this software as my kernel images aren't being found although I have Linux zen kernel installed and I'm not sure what to do
    I'm on Garuda Linux using the Btrfs filesystem
    I have installed the package and prepped my usb and defined the 3 important things in the local.conf file
    I have also tried specifying my Linux kernel in that config file
    Here is my error log
    Just for future reference to everybody, I don't believe that the devs really use this chat channel for support. Hence look above why none has answered since Jan 18th
    They do seem to be active on ReaR's Github though
    Hello, the Key (https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Archiving:/Backup:/Rear/Debian_10/Release.key) is expired [pub rsa2048 2020-01-17 [SC] [expired: 2022-03-27]
    985D 26DB 1764 72E4 5FFE 5FF5 1B4D D1E2 FFC8 DD5F], can u help?
    Hi! there is option to backup a RAW disk (/dev/sdb)?