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Mar 2014
Mar 25 2014 14:33
anyone around?
When I try to create a subscription I get back an error that my plan cannot be found
do I need to use stripe mock to first create all my plans?
Mar 25 2014 19:30
@noctivityinc Yes, a plan must exist before you can use it
you can create a plan by using Stripe as normal
Mar 25 2014 19:40
assuming you've called StripeMock.start, that is.
Chad Woolley
Mar 25 2014 22:24
is anyone working on better support for invoice line items? Current support pretty much just hardcodes one line item, with no control over what it is or how many, as far as I can tell.
Mar 25 2014 22:40
Not as far as I know. That's a big one.