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Apr 2014
Li Ouyang
Apr 07 2014 05:55
sorry for the delay @mindeavor. So basically if i go stripe_invoice.lines => #<Stripe::ListObject:0x3ff6c7872a8c> JSON: { "object": "list", "count": 1, "url": "/v1/invoices/test_in_1/lines", "data": [ {"id":"ii_test","object":"line_item","type":"invoiceitem","livemode":false,"amount":1000,"currency":"usd","proration":false,"period":{"start":1349738920,"end":1349738920},"quantity":null,"plan":null,"description":"Test invoice item","metadata":{}} ] }
But in the Stripe documentation, it should be stripe_invoice.lines.all()
stripe_invoice = Stripe::Invoice.retrieve({INVOICE_ID})
Apr 07 2014 16:52
oh, hm. It looks like .lines needs extra functionality. Can you create an issue for that, @styliii ?
Li Ouyang
Apr 07 2014 17:01
sure, no problem.