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Jun 2015
Jun 08 2015 19:58
ping .. developer help query regarding one file :
with Issue#181 merged/closed and working, would you like me to add the idempotency_key to the charge examples, as a start, and at the same time, would you you like me to upgrade the hash format from :this => 'that'
to this: :that or this: 'that' as called for
Jun 08 2015 20:34
after the first file is as you like it .. i can do the same for the others, if you like
Alexander Mamonchik
Jun 08 2015 21:07
that’s not so important for now. I prefer fix that when I’m working with some opened issue. Look at issues.
Or check accounts branch
I’m working on that some time and can’t complete
will be very helpful if you can improve it.
we need to fix that before merge to master and close a lot of issues related to account feature of Stripe